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thoughts on life

I remember 10 years ago or so... and being disappointed with where I had gone with my life.

I was positive that my tombstone would read "He meant well, and really tried."

The death of my grandparents over the last few months have had a serious impact on me, where I've looked upon them, their lives, and just how much they *lived* over the years. In doing so, I've looked upon my life... and you know something? It's bloody fantastic

I've ridden on the back of an elephant looking for tigers, ran into a burning building to get someone out, dashed up a cliff side (no idea how I did that, but momentum) to catch a falling woman.

I've been in dozens of physical confrontations, most of which were "no, you are not going to do that." I've applied emergency first aid, and been there when the hurt or scared person has looked up saying, "can you help me?"

I've got a fantastic woman in my life, own my own home, done trail work, volunteer work, and been on a fire fighting team.

I've survived disease, laughed out loud, gone to live music, and traveled. I've danced until I've laughed, and wiped the sweat off my brow from exhilaration.

This is just in the first half of my life (I'm 44, my grandpa made it until 90, so there). I can't help but wonder what the next half will hold.
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