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So, Tina and I are saps.

More than that, we are silly saps.

There's been a kitten creeping around outside our house for a bit now, very wet, cold, and hungry. She's been meowring very pitifully for the last several days.

Finally, we took her in. We set aside the bathroom, with spare food dishes and litter box. She's a little grey and white tabby, around 4 months old.

I've talked to our landlady, who says that she thinks the kitty was abandoned, as she's been checking with the neighbors on who the furball could have belonged to.

Our cat, Ariel, is *not* happy right now. I've never heard her hiss before in her life, and she's been hissing, and is acting awfully pissed at us. She's even refused tuna, which is something I've never seen before.

We can't keep the kitten, we have no room. We can take her to the shelter, but I'm worried that she'll be put to sleep.

Anyone out there for a very timid, but good natured little 4 month old kitten?


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